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The muscles, ligaments and tendons working together to help you move is an example of
a) an organ
b) an organism
c) an organ system
d) a tissue

Which of the following lists levels of organiztion from the simplest to the most complex?
a) organelle, tissue, organ, cell, organ system, organism
b) organelle, cell, tissue, organ, organism, organ system
c) organelle, cell, tissue, organ, organ system, organism
d) cell, tissue, organ,organism, organ system organelle

all of the following are organs except
a) heart
b) sketelatal
c) stomach
d) liver

ALL living things must be able to
a) remove wastes
b) get energy from food
c) grow
d) all of the above

All living things are made of
a) cells
b) tissues
c) organ
d) organ systems

The largest level of biological organization is
a) ecosystem
b) population
c) biome
d) biosphere

A group of the same organisms is called a
a) community
b) population
c) ecosystem
d) biome

The smallest level of organization of ALL matter is the
a) molecule
b) atom
c) cell
d) organelle

Cellular respiration is the process of
a) making food using solar energy and carbon dioxide
b) releasing the energy in food molecules
c) moving oxygen in and out of the body
d) exchanging carbon dioxide and oxygen

All of the following are tissues except
a) bone
b) reproductive
c) blood
d) epithilieal

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