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A crime lab tests mainly the _____________________.
a) blood samples of criminals.
b) accuracy of interviews with crime scene witnesses.
c) evidence found at a crime scene.
d) statements given by the suspect.

The final step in DNA analysis is to _____________________.
a) compare the crime scene DNA to a suspect's DNA.
b) send it to the toxicology lab.
c) use a cotton swab to obtain a sample.
d) extract DNA from the sample.

Which sentence gives the best summary of what happens in the autopsy room?
a) Toxicologists test samples for alcohol and poisonous drugs.
b) Forensic scientists examine evidence like mud and skin cells.
c) Detectives interview crime suspects.
d) Pathologists examine dead bodies for the cause of death.

Which important detail would be included in a summary of the case of Bob Dorotik?
a) Within 12 hour, rigor mortis spreads to the entire body.
b) Bob's stomach held an important clue: undigested red meat.
c) Bob liked to jog.
d) Rigor mortis is temporary stiffness after death.

DNA is an important crime-solving tool because _____________________.
a) fingerprints can be matched to those of a known criminal.
b) it can establish time of death.
c) DNA is unique to individuals, except in the case of identical twins.
d) it shows the level of poison in the blood.

What is the meaning of the word analysis?
a) careful examination
b) new idea
c) small amount
d) illustration

What is the meaning of the word evidence?
a) special method
b) kind of poison
c) information that helps prove something
d) detailed study of something

What is the meaning of the word verified?
a) proved true
b) killed
c) analyzed
d) suspected

What is the meaning of the word precise?
a) well-known
b) tiny
c) exact
d) unusual

What is the meaning of the word extracts?
a) inserts
b) takes out
c) colors
d) destroys

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