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What city was Rome's main rival?
a) Carthage
b) Athens
c) Sparta
d) Thebes

What three islands did Rome win because of the Punic Wars?
a) Sicily, Corsica, Sardinia
b) Sicily, Cyprus, Palma
c) Cyprus, Corsica, Sardinia
d) Corsica, Palma, Sardinia

What general became famous in Rome and the Senate became jealous of him?
a) Julius Caesar
b) Octavia
c) Herod
d) Caesar Augustus

What was the Pax Romana?
a) It was a time of peace in Rome.
b) It was a war between Rome and Carthage
c) It was an agreement between Julius Caesar and the Senate

How long did the Pax Romana last?
a) 200 years
b) 400 years
c) 100 years
d) 500 years

At what age did Jesus start to preach publically?
a) 30
b) 33
c) 23
d) 24

How did Jesus die?
a) He was crucified by the Roman government.
b) He was killed by Judas
c) He had a heart attack
d) He was stabbed by a Roman soldier

What happened three days after Jesus' death?
a) He came back to life
b) His body was stolen
c) He went to Heaven

What emperor accused the Jews of the great fire in Rome?
a) Nero
b) Constantine
c) Caesar
d) Marcus Aurelius

When did Mount Vesuvius erupt?
a) A.D. 79
b) A.D. 78
c) A.D. 77
d) A.D. 76

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