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Vlad paid part of some money back that he borrowed from Vic. He wants to know how much he still owes. What formula should he use in the worksheet attached to see how much he owes?
a) =Sub(A2,B2) is the correct answer
b) =A2-B2 is the correct answer
c) =Minus(A2-B2) is the correct answer
d) =Sub(A2-B2) is the correct answer

How can you calculate the total amount due in the attached worksheet?
a) The answer is AutoFormat
b) The answer is AutoSummarize
c) The answer is AutoCorrect
d) The answer is AutoSum

Karim is a shopkeeper. Every day he needs to check the quantity available items in his shop. He creates a table in Access to maintain these records. Which of the following data types would he use to enter the quantity of each item?
a) The answer is Test
b) The answer is Memo
c) The answer is Number
d) The answer is AutoNumber

Being rewarded, being important and being thanked are all examples of which value?
a) The answer is Recognition
b) The answer is Independence
c) The answer is Job security
d) The answer is Variety

Eric is a plumber. He chose this career to match his interest in working with?
a) The answer is things as Eric's interest.
b) The answer is people as Eric's interest.
c) The answer is data as Eric's interest.
d) The answer is ideas as Eric's interest.

Being positive, keeping and open mind, and seeing the good in a bad situation are:
a) The answer is attitudes, I'm sure
b) The answer is interests, I'm sure
c) The answer is things, I'm sure
d) The answer is data, I'm sure

Larry creates a table by using Access. He wants to set data types for the fields in the table. Which of the following views will Larry open the table to set the data types?
a) Datasheet View
b) Print Preview
c) Table Wizard
d) Design View

If you start creating a business report on your office computer but need to take a break, what should you be sure to do?
a) The answer is Save the report
b) The answer is Turn off the monitor
c) The answer is Print the report
d) The answer is Shut down the computer

What would you need to do to include information about transportation expenses in the table shown?
a) The answer is Add a column
b) The answer is Insert a row
c) The answer is Add a cell
d) The answer is Modify the paper size

Which of the following buttons would you use to correct the spelling throughout a word document?
a) The answer is Change all to correct spelling throughout a word document
b) The answer is Accept Change to correct spelling throughout a word document
c) The answer is AutoFormat to correct spelling throughout a word document
d) The answer is Track Changes to correct spelling throughout a word document

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