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This textbox allows you to create an Absolute Link.
a) Format
b) Panel
c) Assets
d) Link

This button allows you to apply a Background
a) Insert
b) Page Properties
c) Command
d) Site

Relative Link is also known as:
a) External
b) Inside
c) Outside
d) Internal

a) a href
b) a
c) ul
d) a href and a

Which tab allows you to align text and images?
a) Brightness;
b) Crop;
c) Format;
d) none of the above

Heading 6
a) h6
b) p
c) hl
d) p6

a) heading 1
b) paragraph
c) center
d) hyperlink

This is a symbol representing Carnival Cruise Line.
a) background
b) pix
c) image
d) logo

Which code is a Unordered List?
a) ul
b) li
c) ol
d) ul and li

Color Icons is found in the ____________ Menu option.
a) Edit
b) Modify
c) View
d) Command

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