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What shape is the Italian Peninsula?
a) A high-heeled boot
b) A sandal
c) A tennis shoe
d) None of these are correct

According to legend, what two brothers built Rome?
a) Romulus and Remus
b) Julius and Caesar
c) Augustus and Octavian
d) Hannibal and Carthage

Who were the plebeians?
a) farmers, merchants, artisans, the common people
b) the rich, men in the Senate
c) rich farmers

Who were the patricians?
a) the rich, men in the Senate
b) farmers, merchants, artisans, the common people
c) rich farmers

What type of government is Rome known for?
a) Republic
b) Democracy
c) Monarchy
d) Dictatorship

Who marched with the 60 elephants and 60,000 men over the Alps?
a) Hannibal
b) Carthage
c) Julius Caesar
d) Caesar Augustus

What building did the gladiators fight in?
a) Colesseum
b) Arena
c) Dyke

What is the date that the Ides of March refers to?
a) March 15th
b) March 1st
c) March 18th
d) March 30th

What name does the Bible call Octavian?
a) Caesar Augustus
b) Herod
c) Jesus
d) Rabbi

How many years did Jesus live on earth?
a) About 33 years
b) About 50 years
c) About 23 years
d) About 30 years

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