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Nontextile goods such as major appliances, tools or other items not made of fabrics are called...
a) Hardlines
b) Softlines
c) Warranty Items
d) Midlines

Products made from textiles such as yarn goods, apparel, household textiles, etc., are...
a) Quilted Patterns
b) Department Store Goods
c) Softlines
d) Woven Goods

These goods can be used in place of each other, for instance, a head scarf may be used instead of a hat.
a) Replacement Goods
b) Substitutable Goods
c) Inferior Goods
d) Active Sportswear

Garments worn for sports participation and also worn during leisure time.
a) Leisure Wear
b) Casual Wear
c) Suit Separates
d) Active Sportswear

These mix and match various jackets with different pants, allowing you to create a variety of coat and trouser looks.
a) Suit Pieces
b) Suit Separates
c) Suit Section
d) Suit Individuals

Children's clothing have built in features that allow garments to "expand" as children grow.
a) Expansion Features
b) Growth Features
c) Elastic Features
d) Stretch Features

Items bought on the spur of the moment without much planning.
a) Impulse purchasing
b) Quick decision items
c) Cash register items
d) Quick pick items

The least expensive type of jewelry which is also called fashion jewelry.
a) Fine jewelry
b) Bridge jewelry
c) Costume jewelry
d) Cheap jewelry

The most expensive jewelry which is usually retailed by jewelry stores
a) Fine jewelry
b) Bridge jewery
c) Costume jewelry
d) Cheap jewelry

These people are hired to sell a specific brand, usually specially trained and uniformly dressed.
a) Marketing Representatives
b) Brand-line Representatives
c) Brand Managers
d) Marketing Salespeople

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