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An incentive to act
a) motivation
b) emotion
c) drive
d) need

An example of a primary need is
a) love
b) food
c) friends
d) teachers

output of one action becomes the input of another; one action causes the other is
a) feedback
b) homeostasis
c) instinct
d) causation

According to the instinct theory, motivation is
a) innate, unlearned behavior
b) a response and depends on personal taste and personality
c) an unpleasant drive
d) beyond just survival

According to the humanistic theory of motivation, humans
a) have needs beyond just survival and desire to be better
b) need constant stimulation
c) are ran by instincts
d) want to reduce tension caused by drives

According to the social-cognitive theory, humans
a) compare their current situation to a goal and are motivated to reach this goal
b) have the drive to maintain a balance between thoughts, beliefs, and behavior
c) are ran by instincts
d) want to reduce tension caused by drives

Achievement movtivation is based on the role played mainly by
a) friends
b) parents
c) teachers
d) ourselves

All of the following are extrinsic motivators except
a) grades
b) pride
c) food
d) money

The states of the body and mind associated with feelings is
a) emotion
b) motivation
c) likeness
d) intrinsic

The three basic emotions are joy, anger, and
a) sorrow
b) happy
c) fear
d) disgust

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