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A light year measures
a) brightness
b) distance
c) radiation
d) time

The first manned-mission to land on the moon was commanded by Neil Armstrong and was called
a) Apollo 11
b) Gemini 3
c) Viking 2
d) Mariner 7

Which layer of the sun is seen during a total solar eclipse?
a) photosphere
b) core
c) corona
d) solar flare

Most of the objects astronomers observe outside our galaxy show what is called a red-shift. What does this red-shift mean about these objects' motions?
a) these objects are moving towards us
b) these objects are moving away from us
c) these objects are moving along with us
d) we are moving toward these objects

A person weighs more on the Earth than on the moon because the Earth has a greater
a) density
b) atmospheric pressure
c) magnetic strength
d) gravitational pull

Parallax can be used to measure a star's
a) distance from Earth
b) atmospheric temperature
c) gravitational strength
d) surface composition

What are giant collections of clouds of gas and dust, along with many millions of stars, called?
a) star clusters
b) galaxies
c) supernovas
d) quasars

Stars evolve along several different paths and reach different end points, based primarily on what factor?
a) the elements they contain
b) the time they were formed
c) their total mass
d) how far away they are from Earth

Which of these causes days and nights
a) the orbit of the Earth around the sun
b) the revolution of the moon around the Earth
c) the rotation of the moon on its axis
d) the rotation of the Earth on its axis

Periodically, there are spectacular meteor showers on Earth. These showers usually occur because the Earth's orbit passes through the remains of
a) a star
b) a comet
c) solar flares
d) the rings of Saturn

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