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Which of the following is not an extension (domain)
a) .edu
b) .gov
c) .net
d) All are extensions

A system letting people send and receive messages electronically through their computers is
a) address
b) spam
c) email
d) account

Which of the following is NOT an ISP?
a) Baja
b) Google
c) Centurylink
d) Infowest

Which of the following are email functions?
a) Reply
b) Send
c) Forward
d) All of the above

Which is not a part of the email address?
a) Username
b) ISP
c) Boolean Operator
d) Extension

All of the following are advantages to email except______________.
a) Fast
b) saves paper
c) private
d) easy to send to multiple users

To send the exact email message you received to another person you use which of the following email command
a) Forward
b) CC
c) Reply
d) BCC

If you want to send an email message to a group of people, but you don't want them to know the email addresses of the others in the group, you would use which email command?
a) CC
b) Forward
c) Reply
d) BCC

Every email address must be:
a) Transferred
b) Copyrighted
c) Unique
d) Limited to 6 characters

A(n) ____________ is a file or document that is sent with an Email
a) Attatchment
b) Package
c) Pop-up
d) Envelope

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