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The _________ shows the URL you are accessing.
a) Address bar
b) Tool Bar
c) ISP
d) Browser

Which of the following is NOT a Boolean Operator?
a) +
b) but
c) not
d) or

URL stands for ______________.
a) Utah's Reference Library
b) United Referral List
c) Utility Reactor Landfill
d) Uniform Resource Locator

Computers that are connected and near each other are a ___________.
a) Wide Area Network
b) Contained Network
c) Large Area Network
d) Local Area Network

To view information on the WWW you use a browser which is application _________.
a) Software
c) Webpage
d) Hardware

A company that provides a user with an account to access to the Internet is a ___________.
a) Search Engine
b) Browser
c) Server
d) ISP

A______________ allows you to jump from one website to another.
a) Hyper-link
b) Browser
c) Hit
d) Connection

The rules of conduct and behavior on the Internet are called ________.
a) Ethics
b) Netiquette
c) Suggestions
d) Laws

A collection of millions of computers connected around the world is called the __________ .
a) Internet
b) Yahoo
c) World Wide Web
d) Intranet

HTML stands for __________.
a) Hypertext Markup Locator
b) Hypertext Mini Links
c) How To Mail Letters
d) Hypertext Markup Language

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