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The green part of a plant that catches light for photosynthesis is called
a) corbon dioxide
b) oxygen
c) chloroplast
d) nitrogen

What are the two things producers make during photosynthesis
a) carbon dioxide/oxygen
b) glucose/oxygen
c) water/nitrogen
d) chloroplast

Air, sun, and water are all nonliving factors
a) biotic
b) abiotic
c) photosynthesis
d) consumers

The biome in which we live, which has a distinct summer, spring, fall, and winter
a) desert
b) tundra
c) deciduous forest
d) rainforest

Things that lesson the numbers in a population
a) limiting factor
b) carrying capacity
c) ecology
d) family

The biome with the most astonishing variety of organisms
a) rainforest
b) tundra
c) desert
d) grassland

Penguins, polar bears, and artic lairs live in this biome
a) desert
b) tundra
c) deciduous forest
d) grassland

the way in which an organism makes its way in its envionment
a) habitat
b) population
c) niche
d) community

Biome with wide open spaces, good for fast running grass eaters such as buffalos
a) tundra
b) desert
c) grassland
d) deciduous forest

Energy pyramids, food chains, and food webs demonstrate how _______ moves through the ecosystem
a) energy
b) air
c) genes
d) relations

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