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Showing two actions at once by alternating back and forth between them, presenting part of one, then part of the other, then back to the first, and so on.
a) Split Edit
b) Cross Cutting
c) Serial Time Flow
d) Omitting Action

Cutting the action both at the end of the outgoing shot and at the start of the incoming shot to shorten the screen time it takes.
a) Audio Leads
b) Parallel Time Flow
c) Omitting Action
d) Flashback

A split edit in which the sound from the new shot begins over the end of the preceding one.
a) Screen Time
b) Split Edit
c) Cross Cutting
d) Audio Leads

A video time speed within a shot that is faster than that of the real world.
a) Flashback
b) Fast Motion
c) Motion Quickness
d) Screen Time

Two series of events moving forward in separate sequences presented alternately in parts by cross cutting.
a) Parallel Time Flow
b) Serial Time Flow
c) Code Time Flow
d) Enhanced Time Flow

The length of real-world time required to display a piece of video.
a) Parallel Time Flow
b) Movie Time
c) Serial Time Flow
d) Screen Time

A series of events moving forward in a single sequence.
a) Parallel Time Flow
b) Split Edit
c) Serial Time Flow
d) Overlapping Action

Repeating the action from the end of the outgoing shot at the start of the incoming shot, to lengthen the screen time of the scene.
a) Audio Leads
b) Overlapping Action
c) Fast Motion
d) Serial Time Flow

An edit in which the audio and video of the new shot do not begin simultaneously.
a) Overlapping Action
b) Double Edit
c) Action Edit
d) Split Edit

A sequence that takes place earlier in the story than the sequence that precedes it.
a) Flashback
b) Pre Sequence
c) Early Shot
d) Lead Shot

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