English 7th Vocabulary P4 Question Preview (ID: 1159)

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a) unimportant, trivial; narrow-minded; secondary in rank, minor
b) harsh, shrill; unpleasant sounding
c) unfavorable, negative; working against, hostile

a) a sudden, violent upward movement; great disorder
b) a quality or characteristic; a distinguishing feature
c) a sorry condition or state; to pledge, promise solemnly

a) to feel sorry for what one has done or has failed to do
b) to change completely in appearance or form
c) to preserve, honor, or celebrate the memory of
d) to fall forward; to overturn, bring about the downfall off

a) a daydream; the condition of being lost in thought
b) to count; to name one by one, list
c) a play or story preformed without words by actors

a) an act or instance of calling back, annulment, cancellation
b) to fall forward; to overturn, bring about the downfall of
c) making no mistakes, faultless, completley accurate

a) to examine closely; to look over quickly but thoroughly; an examination
b) to look at or think about with great intensity and satisfaction
c) to express definitely or systematically; to devise, invent; to site as a formula

a) a beach or shore; a string of wire, hair, etc; to run aground; to leave in a hopeless postion
b) a great flood; a heavy fall of rain; anything that comes in vast quantity; to flood
c) a network of paths through which it is hard to find one's way; something very mixed-up

a) bitter disagreement; fighting, struggle
b) reasonable; making use of reason
c) complete; instantaneous; without reservation

a) to fall forward; to overturn, bring about the downfall of
b) a sudden, violent upward movement; great disorder or change
c) to condemn openly; to accuse formally

a) giving an object or animal the characteristics of humans
b) giving a child the charactaristics of a human adult
c) showing change in a character during the climax of a story
d) showing the events of the plot through a person's view

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