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The Web Page Title is entered into the ____________ box.
a) Class
b) Title
c) ID
d) Link

Adding a Line Break consists of pressing _____________ on the keyboard.
a) Enter
b) Ctrl + Enter
c) Shift + Enter
d) none of the above

The _______ button allows you to align and center text.
a) Format
b) Insert
c) Window
d) View

The biggest font size and the bold font attribute is an example of Heading Level
a) 6
b) 3
c) 1
d) none of the choices listed

Which key hides the panel?
a) F1
b) F2
c) F3
d) F4

The Property Inspector Ribbon is located on the __________ of the DW window.
a) top
b) bottom
c) left
d) right

In Dreamweaver this button allows you to add a background image.
a) Appearance, Command
b) Modify, Command
c) Modify, Page Properties
d) Appearance, Site

Which Menu button displays the Standard Toolbar in Dreamweaver?
a) View
b) File
c) Modify
d) Site

The ____________ button checks spelling.
a) File
b) Modify
c) Window
d) Command

The most important links that you can create thus far are the
a) e-mail
b) all of the choices listed
c) absolute
d) relative

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