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The movement of WATER through aquaporin channels in a selectively permeable membrane is called
a) Diffusion
b) Osmosis
c) Endocytosis
d) Active Transport

Which of the following processes does NOT require energy:
a) Osmosis
b) Endocytosis
c) Sodium-potassium pump
d) Exocytosis

Look at the image on the handout for question #3
a) Molecule X moving out of the cell
b) Molecule X moving down the concentration gradient
c) Molecule X moving into the cell
d) Molecule X not moving at all

Which of the following types of transport requires the movement of molecules by a vesicle?
a) Simple Diffusion
b) Facilitated Diffusion
c) Endocytosis
d) Proton Pump

Passive transport is the movement of molecules:
a) Up the concentration gradient
b) From low to high concentration
c) Equally in both directions
d) Down the concentration gradient

Look at the image on the handout for question #6
a) Substance A to enter the cell
b) Neither substance to enter the cell
c) Both substances to enter the cell
d) Substance B to enter the cell

In facilitated diffusion, molecules move:
a) up the concentration gradient from low to high concentration
b) using a carrier protein or ion channel down the concentration gradient
c) using a vesicle
d) requiring energy (ATP)

Look at the image on the handout for question #8
a) Simple Diffusion
b) Facilitated Diffusion
c) Active Transport
d) Osmosis

Which cell organelle is responsible for regulating the movement of molecules into and out of the cell?
a) Lysosomes
b) Cell Membrane
c) Mitochondria
d) Cell Wall

Active transport requires the use of:
a) Sunlight
b) Oxygen
c) Carrier proteins
d) Energy

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