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Stacia reviewed the sales performance report and found that the Eastern region was excelling. She had their employees meet with the Northern region to train them. Which function?
a) Planning because she was giving authorization for training.
b) Controlling because she was making corrective actions.
c) Planning because she was working on promoting the Eastern region.
d) Directing because she was finding the proper talent.

When managers set goals this represents which management function?
a) Planning
b) Staffing
c) Organizing
d) Controlling

Belle works closely with her employees to gather feedback and make changes based on their suggestions. She seems to supervise a highly motivate group of employees.
a) This is because Belle exceeds at planning.
b) This is because Belle exceeds at staffing.
c) This is because Belle exceeds at decision making.
d) This is because Belle exceeds at directing.

When managers are identify the activities that need to be completed during their employees' shift they are performing
a) planning duties
b) organizing duties
c) staffing duties
d) directing duties

The CEO of Urban Outfitters works to hire a diverse workforce. Which management function is he focusing on?
a) Planning
b) Organizing
c) Staffing
d) Controlling

Which of the following statements is true?
a) A manager must juggle a lot of responsibilities to achieve their objectives.
b) Good management has strong organizational skills, but leaves the controlling up to the employees.
c) Tactical plans are short-term objectives that help run day to day operations.
d) Effective directing involves handling the people, not the equipment, materials, & other resources.

Staffing includes all of the following EXCEPT
a) recruitment
b) performance appraisals
c) Transferring employees to proper departments
d) maintaining communication with customers

Who is responsible for consulting with different departments of the company in order to set the appropriate path for allocating resources?
a) Technicians
b) Managers
c) Part-time Employees
d) Associates

Southwest Airlines employs a no-layoff policy. What type of decision is this?
a) A bad one
b) Controlling decision
c) Staffing decision
d) Delegating decision

If a manager must ensure that a project meets its deadline, gets the right resources, and conforms to industry standards, which management functions would they need to exhibit?
a) Planning & Organizing
b) Planning, Organizing, & Directing
c) Planning, Organizing, Directing, & Controlling
d) Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Directing, & Controlling

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