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What is the process of mitosis in a cell?
a) When cells die because of waste build up.
b) When cells try to get rid of waste by diffusion.
c) A cell copying everything inside of itself to make 2 new cells.
d) A cell making energy for itself by breaking down glucose.

What organelles does mitosis involve?
a) cell membrane and mitochondria
b) cell membrane and nuclues
c) nuclues and chloroplast
d) chloroplast and mitochondria

Why is mitosis important to a cell?
a) new cells help replace old and dead cells
b) it helps an organism grow
c) a form of asexual reproduction in single celled organisms
d) all the above

If motisis does not occur what may happen to the organism?
a) the cells in the organism will die out and the organism will die with no new cells
b) waste builds up and kills the organism
c) the cell cannot get any food and will die because of stravation
d) the cell cannot make any energy and will die from lack of energy

How do the cells that are made during mitosis compare to the parent cell and to one another?
a) they are totally different and one is a male cell and one is a female cell
b) they are genetically identical to each other
c) one new cell is very large and contains the waste and one is small with no new waste
d) none of the above

Define the term diffusion.
a) materials moving from a high concentration to a lower concentration without using energy
b) materials moving from a high concentration to a lower concentration using energy
c) materials moving from a low to high concentration using energy
d) what a cell does to make copies of itself

What is the main organelle that waste elimination involves?
a) chloroplast
b) mitochondria
c) nuclues
d) cell membrane

The movement of water from a high concentration to a low concentration is known as what process?
a) photosynthesis
b) mitosis
c) osmosis
d) cytoplasm

Why is waste elimination important in cells?
a) It is important so cells can use the waste to produce energy to live on
b) It is important so waste does not build up in the cell and become toxic to the cell.
c) It is important so cell can divide into 2 new daughter cells
d) It is important to help cells make food by photosynthesis.

What is waste elimination?
a) Cells removing waste so that it does not become toxic in the cell
b) The process of cells dividing to make 2 new daughter cells
c) The process by which cells use sunlight to make food.
d) The process by which cell break down glucose to get energy.

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