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Participating in concerts, ballet recitals, and Broadway plays are examples of what learning style?
a) Intrapersonal
b) Naturalistic
c) Musical/Rhythmic
d) Logical/Mathematical

Your friend sees you working in Excel and wnats to know how to start this program.
a) Click Start, Point to All Programs, Point to Microsoft Office, Click Microsoft Office Excel
b) Point to Microsoft Office Excel 2, Click Start, Point to All Programs
c) Point to Microsoft Office, Point to All Programs, Click Start
d) Click Start, Point to Microsoft Office, Point to All Programs, Click Microsoft Office Excel

Syed wants to know how to properly refer to the intersection of a row and a column in a spreadsheet. Which of the following options answers his question?
a) Label
b) Cell
c) Worksheet
d) Value

Which of the following toolbars buttons will calculate the total scores of students in a teachers gradebook spreadsheet?
a) AutoCount
b) AutoFormat
c) AutoSummarize
d) AutoSum

How would you explain a database query to someone?
a) A question that retrieves data, based on the criteria you specify
b) A program that produces a printed report of the data in the database
c) A program that simplifies data entry
d) An object that updates the operating system

How do you view the names in alphabetical order in a table in an Access database?
a) Sort in Ascending Order
b) Create a query
c) Set up a Format
d) Set up Validation Rule

How would you add a new employee\'s information in a database table?
a) Add a record in the table
b) Add a field in the table
c) Apply a filter to the database
d) Generate a report by using the table

Which of the following programs will someone use to store employee details such as compensation structure and insurance information?
a) Database Program
b) Microsoft® Notepad
c) Photo editing program
d) Presentation program

What is the most common keyboard arrangement?
a) Alphabetic
b) Numeric
d) Touch

Dina plans her budget. She wants to know what part of the total expenses she spent on groceries last month. What chart would she make to meet her needs?
a) Line
b) Area
c) Surface
d) Pie

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