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Athletic and mechanical are examples of which learning styles?
a) Bodily/Kinesthetic
b) Interpersonal
c) Intrapersonal
d) Visual/Spatial

Laura learns best by reading books, talking, and writing. What is her learning style?
a) Intrapersonal
b) Logical/Mathematical
c) Naturalistic
d) Verbal/Linguistic

Which is an example of a non-traditional career for a man?
a) Day Care worker
b) Plumber
c) Lawyer
d) Accountant

Making maps is an example of an activity that a person with which learning style would enjoy?
a) Bodily/Kinesthetic
b) Interpersonal
c) Logical/Mathematical
d) Visual/Spatial

Macy's past jobs have included cashier, money collector, and score keeper. These are examples of careers that match which personality type?
a) Artistic
b) Conventional
c) Investigative
d) Realistic

Tom's career allows him to work on many various activities and always have work to do. Which value matches Tom's career?
a) Creativity
b) Recognition
c) Job security
d) Variety

Bill is a counselor. He chose this career to match his interest in working with:
a) data
b) ideas
c) people
d) things

Sam has worked for the same company for 10 years. His department will move overseas in six months. What world of work change has contributed to this move?
a) Global econmy
b) Technology
c) Society
d) Workplace trends

Jay is a writer who works from home. Jay chose this career to match which of his values?
a) Recognition
b) Independence
c) Job security
d) Variety

Paying attention to instructions and responding to questions are examples of transferable skills in what category?
a) Decision-making
b) Adaptablility
c) Technology
d) Listening

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