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Which is correct?
a) Acid rain (Germany) Air pollution (UK) Nuclear disaster (Ukraine)
b) Acid rain (UK) Air pollution (UK) Nuclear disaster (Germany)
c) Acid rain (Ukraine) Air pollution (Germany) Nuclear disaster (UK)

The sun never sets on the ___________ empire.
a) British
b) French
c) Spanish

Some explorers wanted fame and money, but others wanted
a) to spread religion
b) to spread animals
c) to spread education

What is payment by a government to a group of people for loss or damages?
a) Income
b) Repartations
c) Restrictions

Which political party took over Russia after the czar was gone?
a) communist (Bolsheviks)
b) Nazi
c) Independent

The policy of obtaining and occupying colonies to form and empire is
a) colonization
b) militarism
c) mercantilism

Groups that show pride and love for their own country are displaying
a) imperialism
b) nationalism
c) mercantilism

The treaty that ended WWI was known as the Treaty of
a) the European Union
b) Europe
c) Versailles

Who was czar of Russia during WWI
a) Hitler
b) Columbus
c) Nicholas II

Countries have built strong armies to defend their own countries. This is an example of
a) militarism
b) merchantilism
c) colonization

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