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One of the leading causes of WWI was the division of _________ by European countries.
a) Africa
b) Asia
c) America

Prince Henry the Navigator was a prince and naval commander from
a) Poland
b) Ukraine
c) Portugal

An economic policy where the colonies helped the mother country by providing valuable natural resources and a market for the good is
a) Militarism
b) Imperialism
c) Mercantilism

Russia and East Germany have transformed their economies from which type?
a) Market
b) Command
c) Mixed

Who experienced reunification and had to unify two different economic systems?
a) Portugal
b) Germany
c) France

The death of millions of Jews is known as
a) Holocaust
b) State of Israel
c) Hill of death movement

After WWI, Gemany was divided into four areas. Three counties decided to let German people rule, but one country continued to rule their section. This country was
a) France
b) Great Britain
c) Soviet Union

The Soviet Union had what type of government?
a) communist
b) presidential
c) oligarchic

The superpowers are
a) United States and Japan
b) Japan and Germany
c) Soviet Union and United States

Which country did not like the Treaty of Versailles?
a) Russia
b) Germany
c) United States

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