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Which is an example of using adaptability skills to make work more effective?
a) Agreeing to stay later than scheduled
b) Typing files
c) Organizing files
d) Complaining about a new work schedule

Being on time to meetings, being a team player, and being flexible on the job are all examples of:
a) basic skills
b) transferable skills
c) organizing skills
d) interpersonal skills

Counting change, doing homework, and debating are all examples of:
a) adaptability skills
b) people skills
c) organizing skills
d) basic skills

Which is an example of what to do when completing a job application?
a) check it for errors
b) post it on the employer\'s door
c) decorate it neatly
d) copy it on colored paper

Donald is looking for a job. He talked with his uncle about this. Which type of networking source is this?
a) career fair
b) school resources
c) family and friends
d) community members

Mighty movers wants to hire truck drivers. The company advertised this position in community papers. This is an example of which type of printed resource?
a) bulletin board ad
b) reference
c) help wanted sign
d) classified ad

Pat wants to work at a store & the employer needs to know her job preference, the date that she can start & the names of her references. Which document should she complete?
a) cover letter
b) resume
c) reference letter
d) job application

Megan is interviewing for a sales job. Which is an example of what she should do during the interview?
a) Speak clearly
b) Ask about vacations and benefits
c) Take off her shoes
d) Write a thank-you note

Which is an example of information that Mya should list in the references
a) Ms. Angie
b) Swim coach
c) Counselor
d) Robert White

Clothing designer, poet, and rapper are all examples of careers that match which value?
a) Job security
b) Variety
c) Independence
d) Creativity

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