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Mr Rube Goldberg was famous for what?
a) His drawings of birds and hats
b) His work with gasoline
c) His memory
d) His complicated contraptions

What is the scientific definition of
a) When there is a force (push or pull) applied to something
b) When a force (push or pull) is applied to something and their is movement.
c) The act of working
d) When someone get paid for a job

Which of these actions would not be considered work, scientifically
a) A boy reading a letter on his desk.
b) A strong man, pushing a brick wall
c) A weightlifter lifting a barbell
d) A student looking at a computer screen

Which of these items would scientifically be considered work.
a) Getting pushed off the balance beam
b) None of the above
c) A woman sleeping
d) An arm wrestling stalemate

The formula for work is:
a) Work = Force x Effort
b) Force = Distance/ Work
c) Work = Distance x Height
d) Work= Force x Distance

Newtons is...
a) only the name of a famous scientist
b) a type of cookie
c) the scientific measure for distance
d) the scientific measure for force

The scientific measure for distance is
a) Meters
b) Liters
c) Kilograms
d) Yards

Mass is similar to
a) Length
b) Distance
c) Weight
d) Volume

a Rube Goldberg contraption is...
a) A symbol
b) a complex series of steps to solve a simple problem
c) the name of a cartoon
d) A man

A Joule is what?
a) It is the amount of force you apply to something
b) Is the combination of the force applied and distance something travels (work)
c) It is the amount of distance something travels
d) None of the above

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