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What is "a large computer system used primarily for bulk processing of data and financial information" called?
a) Computer Monitor
b) Mainframe
c) Computer System
d) Cache

CPU stands for...
a) Central Processing Unit
b) Common Personal Utility
c) Central Personal Utility
d) Common Protocol Understanding

What is RAM?
a) Recent Access Materials, a set of stored files
b) A type of operating system
c) Random Access Memory, dynamic memory modules
d) A wild animal

When referring to technology, UPS is
a) an Uninterruptable Power Supply (battery back-up power source)
b) United Parcel Service
c) an Uninterruptable Permanent Power Supply
d) an Uninterruptable Personal System

A network device (not just a computer!) containing data or applications shared by network users is
a) A sharer
b) A servant
c) A service
d) A server

Common operating systems include...
a) Windows, Redhat, and Tiger
b) PC, PCC and UPS
c) Fortran, Pascal, and QBasic
d) DC and AC

ROM, Read Only Memory...
a) is part of the hub
b) is text-based
c) is a dynamic memory source
d) does not require power to retain content

A system may be made more user-friendly with incorporation of a/an
a) GUI, graphic user interface
b) Firewall
c) UPS
d) Encryption software program

The platform on a mobile device (equivalent to the OS on a PC) is
a) Absent
b) A mobile OS, such as Palm OS
c) A CPU
d) Always Linux-based

Software performing background functions is
a) A word processor
b) The World Wide Web
c) Utility software
d) Encrypted

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