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Pia createds a PowerPoint presentation. The slides in the presentation must contain a title, a bulleted list, and a diagram. Which of the menu options will she select to do this?
a) Chart Wizard
b) Slide Transition
c) Background
d) Slide Layout

Which of the following menu items can you use to add slides to a PowerPointthe presentation?
a) Insert
b) Tools
c) Edit
d) File

James needs to present his senior project to a group of community leaders. He wants to explain the purpose of his project, his research process and what he learned. me
a) This information is an appropriate choice for his presentation.
b) This information is NOT an appropriate choice for his presentation.

What is the purpose of the source note?
a) Identify the source of table information
b) Identify the author of the document containing the table
c) Provide additional comments by the author
d) Provide a location for the typist to sign

Where should the source be positioned?
a) Last row and centered
b) Last row and right aligned
c) Last row and left aligned
d) First row and left aligned

What are headings that are bold, centered in initial cap, and keyed directly above each column?
a) Main title
b) Secondary title
c) Column headings
d) Body

What is the vertical arrangement of information in a table?
a) Columns
b) Rows
c) Cells
d) Source note

What is the horizontal arrangement information in a table?
a) Columns
b) Rows
c) Cells
d) Source note

How should the top margin be set in a letter?
a) 1
b) 1.5
c) 2
d) 2.5

What is the line spacing after the dateline?
a) Single
b) Double
c) Triple
d) Quadruple

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