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A mixture is a...
a) two or more elements combined chemically
b) two or more elements that are combined, but all elements keep their own properties
c) state of matter
d) process in the water cycle

Ice to water is an example of a __________ turning into a __________
a) liquid to a solid
b) solid to a liquid
c) liquid to gas
d) gas to liquid

If I measure the mass of an ice cube and it is 34 grams, what will the mass be when it melts?
a) 34 grams
b) 35 grams
c) 33 grams
d) 37 grams

What is the step of the water cycle responsible for water droplets forming on the outside of my cold bottle of Diet Pepsi?
a) precipitation
b) condensation
c) evaporation
d) cold weather

Which is NOT a property of matter?
a) All matter has mass
b) All matter takes up space
c) All matter can be a solid, liquid, or gas
d) All matter has color.

Which substance will dissolve in water?
a) Iron filings
b) Wood chips
c) Pepper
d) Sugar

Which is an example of a mixture?
a) Fruit salad
b) Hot chocolate
c) Salt
d) Iron

Which of the following are physical properties?
a) Size
b) Shape
c) Color
d) All answers

How can you separate a mixture?
a) By its physical properties
b) By reversing a chemical change
c) In a labaratory
d) Tossing it in the air

Which is NOT a method for separating a mixture?
a) Using a filter to separate by size.
b) Picking out different colored items.
c) Evaporating water to separate solids from liquids.
d) Reversing a chemical change.

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