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The strongest password would include:
a) A long sequence of numbers
b) An important date
c) Upper and lower-case letters, numbers, and symbols
d) The user's last name

How has technology changed life for businessmen and businesswomen?
a) Technology has made communication with people all over the world
b) With technology, products that once could only be sold locally can now be sold in more places
c) Both A & B
d) None of the above

When inserting a small graphic (picture) in a brochure, this does not distract from the text. This is an example of which design principle?
a) Alignment
b) Balance
c) Contrast
d) Proximity/Unity

Which activity would be considered online publishing?
a) Commenting on a friend's social networking profile
b) Watching a streaming video
c) Sending a e-mail to a friend
d) Instant messaging a friend

Which of the following would be the best for Jane to use to advertise the upcoming blood drive at her school?
a) Brochure
b) Newsletter
c) Business card
d) Flyer

Which of the following would be the best item for Susan to use to let her babysitting clients have quick access to her phone number?
a) Brochure
b) Newsletter
c) Business card
d) Flyer

Which of the following benefits do desktop publishing program provide?
a) Advanced formatting techniques
b) Video editing
c) Virus scanning
d) Web site browsing

Which of the following programs would help someone who needed to do several different newsletters using templates already provided??
a) Desktop publishing program
b) Presentation program
c) E-mail program
d) Spreadsheet program

Which of the following objects will allow Stella to add to a presentation about the assessment score performance of his class?
a) AutoShape
b) Video Clips
c) Clipart
d) Chart

Which of the following will let you view slides in a presentation as thumbnails so she can set the presentation timings?
a) Outline
b) Slide Sorter
c) Normal
d) Slide Show

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