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Islamic Law based on the Principles of the Qu\'ran is called
a) autocratic
b) democratic
c) constitutional
d) sharia

The most powerful person in this country inherits his position
a) Israel
b) Iraq
c) Saudi Arabia
d) Iran

An example of an entrepreneur is
a) working in an oil rig
b) weaving a blanket and selling it in a market
c) being the president of the U.S.
d) working in a bank

In a command economy who makes the economic decisions?
a) private citizens
b) the principal of your school
c) the government
d) owners of large businesses

A system of converting money from one country to another is called
a) money bag
b) check balancing
c) credit
d) currency exchange

An economy that offers more than one economic activity is called
a) oligarchic
b) limited
c) theocratic
d) diversified

The value of the Goods and Services a country produces in a year is called?
a) currency
b) capital
c) GDP Gross Domestic Product
d) federal

The value of people\'s work is called?
a) human capital
b) GDP
c) capital
d) currency

A trade barrier banning trade with a country
a) human capital
b) embargo
c) entrepreneur
d) quota

The Israeli parliament is called ?
a) Knesset
b) prime minister
c) confederation
d) congress

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