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What is weight?
a) a force
b) a coefficient of friction
c) a mass
d) a friction

What is mu?
a) the normal force
b) drag force
c) friction
d) the coefficient of friction

What is static friction
a) friction in motion
b) the force that presses to surfaces together
c) the friction you must overcome to start an object moving
d) the friction you must overcome to keep an object moving

The mechanical forms of resistance are:
a) drag and friction
b) lubrication and streamlining
c) friction and lubrication
d) drag and streamlining

Kinetic friction is
a) stationary friction
b) moving friction
c) rolling friction
d) ratio of frictional force to the normal force

If you have a coefficient of friction that is 0.5, and your are moving an object that weighs 100 pounds, what is your friction?
a) 0.5*100
b) 100+0.5
c) 100/0.5
d) 0.5/100

What is the result of friction?
a) energy loss
b) all of the above
c) wear on parts
d) generation of waste heat

What is drag?
a) the force produced when an object moves through a fluid
b) all of the above
c) a factor in horizontal equillibrium
d) the opposition of thrust

Drag resistance is equal to
a) F/v
b) f-v
c) f+v
d) F*v

Drag forces on a car moving through air can be reduced by:
a) increasing the speed of the car
b) making the front of the car more blunt or flat
c) streamlining
d) letting air out of the tires

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