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When Leamas and Fiedler are attacked, where are they?
a) In an East German prison.
b) On the grounds of a country house.
c) In Russia.
d) About to board a plane to safety in America.

How many guards does Leamas take out while trying to defend himself?
a) 3
b) 5
c) none
d) 1

How long is Leamas is beaten in Chapter 16?
a) Until he passes out.
b) Until he confesses everything.
c) Until Fiedler intervenes.
d) Until he gives them Liz's address.

When Mundt is first interrogating Leamas, Mundt is very interested in Leamas' meetings with whom?
a) Communists in London.
b) George Smiley.
c) Miss Crail.
d) Liz Gold.

What is the Praesidium?
a) A torture method Mundt uses on Leamas.
b) The prison where Leamas is being kept.
c) The ruling council of East Germany.
d) The secret tunnel system Leamas uses to escape.

Leamas is going to be called as a witness in whose trial?
a) Mundt's.
b) Control's.
c) Liz's.
d) Peters'.

At the end of Chapter 18, Leamas views Fiedler as what?
a) An annoying middleman.
b) Someone he can use to reach his goal, but that he doesn't really like.
c) His ally.
d) His enemy.

When Liz first arrives in East Germany, what does she do?
a) Has her passport stolen.
b) Loses all of her luggage.
c) Attends a very fancy ceremony with the king.
d) Meets with common people.

At the end of Chapter 19, how has Liz's experience in East Germany been?
a) Exhilarating.
b) Terrifying.
c) Really fun.
d) Disheartening.

How is Liz transported to the "special meeting" she is told she needs to attend?
a) n a military style car.
b) By bus.
c) By helicopter.
d) By a very long train ride.

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