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Which was a main goal of the Continental Congress when they made the Articles of Confederation?
a) Make the federal government weak
b) Make the states weak
c) Make the federal government strong
d) Eliminate all federal governments

How did foreign governments treat the U.S. government under the Articles of Confederation?
a) With respect, for the country that had beaten Britain
b) With scorn, for the country that had such a weak federal government
c) With jealousy, for the country that had become so rich so quickly
d) With anger, for the country that had upset the balance of power

What is the purpose of the Bill of Rights?
a) To protect the supremacy of the federal government
b) To protect the supremacy of the state governments
c) To protect the rights of individuals
d) To prevent the rights of individuals

Which was not a way the discussions at the Constitutional Convention were kept a secret?
a) the delegates voted to keep their discussions a secret
b) the delegates voted to hang anyone who was found listening to their conversations
c) the delegates kept the windows shut despite the heat
d) the delegates had guards posted at the doors of the convention building

Which was not an Antifederalist argument against the Constitution?
a) it would weaken the states
b) it may lead to another king
c) it included many compromises
d) it didn't protect individual rights

What were the results of the Great Compromise?
a) One house with equal representation for each state
b) two houses: one with equal representation, and one with proportional representation (based on pop.)
c) two houses: one for big states, and one for small states
d) one house with representation based on the population of each state

In order to encourage a successful democracy, the Land Ordinance of 1785 required one section of each township to be set aside for a:
a) school
b) bank
c) convenience store
d) courthouse

Which power did Congress (the government) have under the Articles of Confederation?
a) regulate trade
b) make laws
c) collect taxes
d) enforce laws

The Three-Fifths Compromise states that:
a) 500 slaves would count as 300 free people
b) three out of five states would be allowed to continue slavery
c) 600 slaves would count as 1,000 free people
d) three out of five landowners would be allowed to continue slavery

Which was not a challenge to the national economy under the Articles of Confederation?
a) each state printed its own money
b) each state collected its own taxes
c) citizens were encouraged to start businesses
d) the central (federal) government had little money

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