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If an object appears small in 'relative size' it is probably
a) close
b) distant
c) above
d) below

Relative motion states that
a) closer objects obstruct the view of more distant objects
b) distant objects usually have a much smoother texture
c) apparent slowness indicates an object is distant
d) distant objects are less clear than nearby objects

A mental predisposition to perceive something one way is
a) schemas
b) perceptual sets
c) context clues
d) illusions

An odor molecule given off by animals that communicate a sexual message
a) neuron
b) chronic
c) pheromones
d) hormones

Acts as a relay station to incoming sensory messages
a) Thalamus
b) Medulla
c) Hypothalamus
d) Cerebellum

The lobe of the brain that controls hearing is
a) frontal
b) Parietal
c) Occipital
d) Temporal

All of the following are test or scans done on the brain except what
a) TAT
b) EEG
c) CAT
d) MRI

The founder of behaviorism is
a) Albert Bandura
b) John Watson
c) BF Skinner
d) Carl Rogers

The found of the humanistic theory is
a) Carl Rogers
b) John Watson
c) Erik Erikson
d) Albert Bandura

Patients who suffer from _______________, may be treated through a split brain operation
a) epilsepy
b) schizophrenia
c) personality disorder
d) bipolar

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