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Which part of the atom has a + charge?
a) Neutron
b) Proton
c) Electron
d) Brain

What two parts make up the mass of the atom?
a) Type of element
b) The electron orbiting the nucleus
c) The neutron and proton inside the nucleus

If an atom loses a neutron, what happens?
a)  Its mass is lowered, but it is still the same element.
b) Its mass is increased, but it is still the same element.
c)  Its mass is lowered, but it is NOT the same element
d) Its mass is increased, but it is NOT the same element.

If a substance cannot be broken down chemically into a simpler substance, what is it?
a) Electron
b) Proton
c) Molecule
d) Element

Which term describes atoms with different numbers of neutrons?
a) Element
b) Isotope
c) Nucleus
d) Matter

Protons and neutrons are composed of?
a) Quark
b) Neutron
c) Electrons
d) Mass

What is half life?
a) Parent Isotope
b) Daughter Isotope
c) the amount of time it takes for half of a radioactive substance to decay
d) Your mom

What is nuclear fission?
a) the splitting of the atomic nucleus into parts
b) the joining of the atomic nucleus into parts
c) Where Homer Simpson works

How do protons, neutrons, and electrons determine the properties of an atom?
a) atomic number and weight
b) weight
c) how reactive it is
d) All of the above

When does radioactive decay occur?
a) When the electrons decay
b) When the protons decay
c) when the nucleus decays
d) When you add a neutron

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