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The safest type of investment is
a) Savings Account
b) Stocks
c) Real Estate
d) Collectibles

You can become part owner in a company by buying
a) Certificate of Deposits
b) Stock
c) Treasury Bills
d) Grain

Instead of buying individual stocks and bonds, people can buy shares in this to help diversify their portfolio.
a) Corporate Bonds
b) Stocks
c) Mutual Funds
d) Real Estate

Purchasing my own home for a sense of security is what type of investment?
a) Collectible
b) Stock
c) Mutual Fund
d) Real Estate

What is the percentage of money earned on your savings or investment called?
a) Liquidity
b) Yield
c) Risk
d) Taxes

Which of the following is the most liquid type of investment?
a) Savings Account
b) 2 year CD
c) Real Estate
d) Corporate Bond

Which of the following is NOT part of a savings plan but is a type of security (investment)?
a) Savings Account
b) CD
c) Commodities
d) Money Market Account

Kyle is 21 & just starting his first job. Which of the following would be best recommended as investment for retirement?
a) Money Market Account
b) Savings Account
c) CD
d) Mutual Funds

What type of investment allows you to lend money to a company?
a) Corporate Bond
b) US Savings Bond
c) Collectible
d) Money Market Account

Antique dealers most often choose which type of investment?
a) Real Estate
b) Corporate Bond
c) Commodities
d) Collectibles

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