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Which of the following statements could explain why wheat farming spread from southwestern Asia to North Africa?
a) People stopped eating wheat in Asia, but continued to do so in Africa.
b) Prices for Asian wheat fell while African wheat was worth more.
c) The people who farmed wheat may have migrated from Asia to Africa.
d) Domestication replaced wheat farming as the main industry in Asia.

The end of the Ice Age changed life for people in all of the following ways except
a) Ocean levels rose as glaciers melted.
b) Animal species that could not adapt to warmer climates died out.
c) Certain animals became extinct from over-hunting.
d) Rivers became new sources of food for people living near them.

Which of the following is an example of how people benefited from the domestication of animals?
a) Using the hide of a deer to make a tent
b) Catching fish from a stream in handmade nets
c) Chasing a herd of buffalo to the edge of a cliff
d) Raising sheep in order to use their wool to make clothing

Early cities needed more government than farming villages did because
a) people had not yet developed many specialized skills.
b) growing populations needed more management.
c) farming villages had more resources than larger cities.
d) cities needed people to help domesticate their animals.

Why did the earliest civilizations appear in areas like Mesopotamia and the Indus Valley?
a) Because theses areas had the largest number of domesticated animals.
b) Because these areas were isolated from other regions.
c) Because these areas were far away from oceans.
d) Because these areas were near rivers and fertile soil.

People were first able to start living in settled communities when
a) they domesticated plants and animals.
b) they grew tired of hunting and gathering.
c) they began to trade with nearby villages.
d) they perfected a system of writing.

When early people first began to farm, what materials did they use to build their dwellings?
a) rocks from caves
b) mud and straw
c) logs cut from trees
d) sticks and animal hides

With the development of farming, people could spend most of their time doing one job, or
a) cultivating
b) economizing
c) domesticating
d) specializing

Which of the following is the best explanation for how plants became domesticated?
a) Climate change brought about better growing conditions.
b) Domesticated animals led the people to areas suited for farming.
c) People harvested fruits and berries from plants that grew in their environment.
d) Certain seeds were selected for replanting.

Which of the following was true of hunters and gatherers?
a) They traded with other tribes that they encountered.
b) They domesticated animals for use as a source of food.
c) They settled in one place for long periods of time.
d) They owned only what they could carry.

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