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Where do many scientists believe that human life began?
a) Asia
b) Europe
c) Americas
d) Africa

Which of the following was a major advantage that Homo sapiens had over Neanderthals?
a) Larger brains
b) Complex language skills
c) Taller, more muscular bodies
d) The ability to use fire

Why were archaeologists interested in the cave paintings found near Lascaux in southern France?
a) The paintings were the first evidence of early humans ever found in France.
b) The caves had not existed during the last Ice Age.
c) The paintings provided evidence that humans had become more complex.
d) Cave paintings were worth a great deal of money.

What was one of the most important signs that early humans were developing a complex culture?
a) The use of wood for making tools
b) The emergence of hunter-gatherer societies
c) The existence of cave paintings
d) The settlements of early peoples near water

The era during which tools were first developed is known as
a) the Age of Technology.
b) the Age of Fire and Stone.
c) the Old Stone Age.
d) the Hunter-Gatherer Age.

Which of the following is one way that Neanderthals and Homo sapiens differed?
a) Neanderthals were taller than Homo sapiens.
b) Homo sapiens had only very simple language skills.
c) Homo sapiens did not make art.
d) Neanderthals appeared about 100,000 years before Homo sapiens.

All of the following are examples of cultural diffusion among ancient cultures EXCEPT
a) The exposure of a land bridge bringing two cultures into contact for the first time
b) Different regional groups forming one large community and sharing their burial practices
c) A group learns to work together to hunt mammoths
d) One group’s beliefs about spirits in the natural world changing another group’s beliefs

What common characteristic united the members of a clan?
a) Similar religious beliefs
b) A common language
c) Burial practices
d) A common ancestor

When archaeologists study an excavation site, objects found closer to the surface are
a) less damaged than those found below them.
b) impossible to date with any accuracy.
c) unlikely to contain any radioactive material.
d) not as old as those found in deeper layers.

What two discoveries help advance earliest hominids?
a) farming, fire
b) stone hand ax, fire
c) walking on two legs, fire
d) weapons, plow

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