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A part of a community’s infrastructure that does not help to support the functioning of a school are:
a) seaports
b) police and fire departments
c) roads and utilities
d) museums and parks

Construction is a systematic process, which of the selections below is NOT in the proper sequence?
a) site preparation, setting foundation, building the framework
b) enclosing the structure, installing utilities, finishing the exterior
c) completing the site, building the framework, installing utilities
d) building the framework, enclosing the structure, installing utilities

Building a framework includes putting up wall studs and
a) pouring concrete for the foundation
b) framing the roof
c) landscaping the outside
d) installing utilities

Homes are built with materials that are readily available. In the eastern United States wood is most often used. What available material could be used in the desert southwest?
a) rock/stone
b) steel frame
c) adobe
d) straw bale

Structural insulated panels have the ability to insulate as well as
a) conduct electricity
b) collect rainwater for reuse
c) act as a concrete form
d) support weight

Preparing the site is:
a) Digging the yard
b) laying frame for concrete
c) putting in lights
d) painting

Construction defined is?
a) Residential Structures
b) the systematic process of erecting structures to meen human needs and desires
c) The process of building
d) using new materials to create something

Which of the following is NOT a type of constrution
a) Straw bale
b) Wood Frame
c) Insulatee Concrete Forms
d) Green Economical

Building the framework of a site is:
a) putting up wall studs
b) putting up plywood on studs
c) putting up siding
d) adding a roof

Which of the following is not part of the last step in completing the site?
a) painting
b) trim work
c) landscaping
d) windows

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