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1. What does Life Science Study?
a) organisms
b) scale models
c) physics
d) rocks

Using one or more of your senses to gather information is called
a) classifying
b) observing
c) inquiry
d) inferring

Making a forecast of what will happen in the future is called
a) predicting
b) inferring
c) classifying
d) transcribing

Which word describes all the processes that enable an organism to survive
a) structures
b) functions
c) biology
d) osmosis

What is a possible explanation for a set of observations or answer to a scientific question?
a) variable
b) hypothesis
c) operational definition
d) scientific inquiry

When you draw a conclusion from an experiment you ask yourself whether the data
a) supports or disproves the hypothesis
b) forms a scientific theory
c) defines a particular term
d) is revolutionary

Which is the best way to prepare for a lab in your science classroom?
a) Do the lab without telling your teacher
b) Use your own lab supplies to create your own experiment
c) Carefully read the steps in the lab and follow instructions
d) Play sword-fight with the meter sticks.

This is a tool you would use to measure the length of an object
a) spring scale
b) meter stick
c) graduated cylinder
d) beaker

When you note that a puppy is spotted you are making a
a) quantitative observation
b) qualitative observation
c) prediction
d) model

Which of the following statements about structure and function in organisms is NOT true?
a) An organism’s functions are the processes that enable it to survive
b) An organism contains structures that are related to its functions.
c) All organisms have the same structure and function.
d) An organism needs energy to carry out its functions.

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