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A clear example of point source pollution is
a) trash floating in ocean water
b) feedlot wastes in a river
c) oil spilling from a supertanker
d) salts from irrigation

Which region of the sea is affected by changes in the tides?
a) open ocean
b) deep ocean
c) shore
d) open ocean and shore

Under which conditions are large numbers of fish in a lake most likely to die?
a) right after a storm with heavy rainfall
b) when the water's dissolved oxygen is high and temperatures are low
c) when the water's dissolved oxygen is low and temperatures are high
d) when the water's turbidity is low and temperatures are average

Why is water from an aquifer more likely to be cleaner than water used from other sources?
a) because it forms where fresh water and salt water meet
b) because it receives water directly from precipitation
c) because it rises to the surface near the ocean
d) because pollutants are filtered by rock and soil from deep within the Earth

Which of the following is the main reason why the ocean is salty?
a) Surface water carries salt from land into the ocean.
b) salts naturally form from water molecules in the ocean
c) salts are spilled by ships that sail through the ocean
d) salts dissolve from trash dumped into the ocean

A body of water that has high turbidity is
a) cloudy
b) clear
c) basic
d) acidic

Which of these is not a threat to living ocean resources?
a) overfishing
b) oil spills
c) evaporation
d) pollution

Which describes a non point source of pollution?
a) accumulation of oil in a stream next to a gas station
b) chemical spill in a river next to a manufacturing complex
c) runoff from a road into a nearby stream
d) liquid fertilizer flowing from a barrel into a stream

A neutral pH is:
a) 2.0
b) 4.5
c) 7.0
d) 8.0

For what types of water does the Clean Water Act set water quality standards?
a) ocean waters
b) groundwater
c) all U.S. waters
d) surface waters

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