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If the Northern Hemisphere is tilted away from the Sun, the Southern Hemisphere is experiencing
a) summer
b) spring
c) fall
d) winter

The moon appears to be growing in size. This is called
a) eclipsing
b) reflecting
c) waxing
d) waning

When the Earth's shadow blocks out the moon. This is occurring
a) solar eclipse
b) lunar eclipse
c) solar flare
d) first day of winter

When the Moon casts a shadow on the Sun. This is occurring
a) solar eclipse
b) lunar eclipse
c) first day of summer
d) meteroid shower

Tides are highest during what moon phase?
a) new
b) 1st quarter
c) full
d) 3rd quarter

When the Moon goes from full to new, it appears to grow smaller in the sky. We say that it is
a) revolving
b) eclipsing
c) waning
d) waxing

When is the first day of Spring?
a) December 21
b) March 21
c) June 21
d) September 21

The Sun sets over what horizon?
a) north
b) south
c) east
d) west

The distance from the equator is measured by
a) lines of longitude
b) the prime meridian
c) lines of latitude
d) Earth's tilt

Each time zone on Earth represents the distance the Earth rotates in
a) 1 year
b) 1 hour
c) 1 day
d) 1 month

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