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Which of the following factors is important in determining the types of organisms that can live in different parts of the ocean?
a) currents
b) tides
c) sedimentation
d) sunlight

Which factors can have the greatest effect on the health of a river system?
a) type of soil and salinity
b) nitrate levels and turbidity
c) human consumption and pH
d) natural disasters and tidal changes

How can satellite imagery best be used after a hurricane hits the coast?
a) to check nearby lake depths
b) to identify the amount of beach erosion
c) to determine the location of sea turtles' nests
d) to map topography inland of the coastal region

What is one way scientists analyze the health of a river?
a) by measuring its depth
b) by measuring the speed at which the river flows
c) by measuring its dissolved oxygen content
d) by measuring the distance the river travels to reach an ocean

In the United States, which is responsible for ensuring the safety of the country's drinking water?
a) Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
b) Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
c) National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
d) Center for Disease Control (CDC)

Where is the majority of Earth's fresh water located?
a) clouds
b) Pacific Ocean
c) polar ice caps
d) rivers

The population of marine life is greater along the shorelines of the ocean because.....
a) ocean currents prevent many smaller organisms from living in deep water
b) the shallow waters have fewer predators
c) coastal waters are less polluted than the deeper waters of the ocean
d) There are more nutrients in shallow waters

Which technology best monitors temperature changes in Earth's oceans?
a) radar
b) satellites
d) microwave

How are estuaries different from lakes or the ocean?
a) estuaries contain only salt water
b) estuaries contain only fresh water
c) estuaries contain salt water and fresh water
d) estuaries are not bodies of water

Which tool would be used to determine precipitation amounts after a flood?
a) balance scale
b) hygrometer
c) rain gauge
d) thermometer

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