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Which source of water pollution includes oil and gasoline discharge from automobiles and storm sewer drainage?
a) agriculture
b) bacteria
c) sedimentation
d) urban runoff

For which of the following would SONAR technology be most likely used in the ocean?
a) to measure water depth
b) to find water temperature
c) to test pH levels of ocean water
d) to find the dissolved oxygen content in the ocean

If a body of water has high turbidity levels, what can most likely be concluded?
a) it has a low pH
b) it is unsafe to drink
c) it is too hot to drink
d) it contains a lot of chemicals

Dissolved gases are important in the ocean because they.....
a) help control pollution
b) provide oxygen for aquatic animals
c) help maintain a constant water temperature
d) ensure constant levels of salinity

Which best describes a bioindicator?
a) a species that has a short life span
b) a species that depends one specific conditions to survive
c) a species that can adapt to a variety of conditions
d) a species that has been introduced into an ecosystem

What happens to water molecules during the boiling process
a) They move faster and move farther apart as they absorb heat
b) They move faster and remain close together as they absorb heat
c) They move more slowly but move farther apart as they lose heat
d) they move faster and farther apart as they lose heat

Which will most likely result if there is increased upwelling in a coastal area?
a) more aquatic life
b) less nutrients in the water
c) higher water temperatures
d) fewer nitrates

In which oceanic zone do clams and crabs survive by burrowing in the sand?
a) oceanic
b) intertidal
c) open ocean
d) deep ocean

What is it called when coastal communities purchase water from other sources?
a) economic tradeoff
b) excess nutrient input
c) point source pollution
d) environmental stewardship

Which best determines the health of a lake used as a source of fresh water?
a) its depth and width
b) its temperature and pH
c) its location and depth
d) its temperature and depth

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