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The fact that Iron cannot be changed into a simpler form tells you that Iron is ___.
a) a molecule
b) a compound
c) a mixture
d) an element

Compounds are substances that are made up of _______________.
a) substances
b) all the same element
c) two or more elements
d) mixtures

_________ can be broken down into simpler substances
a) Compounds
b) Electrons
c) Atoms
d) Elements

There are approximately ________ elements
a) 90
b) 115
c) 100
d) endless

In what side of the Periodic Table can the Non-Metals be found?
a) Top
b) Middle
c) Right
d) Left

What are a few of the main characteristics of Non-Metals?
a) Blue and Powdery
b) Conductive and Magnetic
c) Shiny and Maleable
d) Dull and Brittle

How do metalloids compare to metals and non-metals?
a) Have properties more similar to metals
b) Have properties completely different from metals and non-metals
c) Have properties similar to metals and non-metals
d) Have properties more similar to non-metals

A marble has a volume of 10 ml. It also has a mass of 20g. Calculate the density of the marble.
a) 2 g/ml
b) 30 g/ml
c) 200 g/ml
d) 0.5 g/ml

A substance that cannot be broken down into a simpler form by ordinary chemical means is called a(n)
a) Compound
b) Element
c) Mixture
d) Isotope

A substance whose density is greater than 1 g/mL will
a) float
b) change colors
c) fly
d) sink

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