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How many Day's till her birthday did she say there was until?
a) #3 Day's
b) #2 Day's
c) #5 Day's
d) or her birthday was that day

Was was the name of Melissa's best friend and what is her friend suffering through?
a) Her name is Aleshia, And she's suffering through bad Headache's
b) Melissa doesn't have a best friend only her sister
c) Her name is April, And she's suffering through Depression
d) Her name is may, and she isn't suffering through anything

What day did Her best die on that made Melissa even more upset?
a) She didn't die melissa's just Lazy
b) She died during the night and Melissa and Teresa were still upset
c) She died before Melissa's birthday
d) She died on her Eleventh Birthday

What deer did Melissa choose from the herd when she was in the forest?
a) The one right in front of her
b) The one already dead
c) The one at the far end of the herd
d) The one floating in mid-air

In the note from her best friend who was coming over?
a) Chris
b) Robert
c) Jackson
d) Mary

What did Meliss'a mother ask her to promise?

What did Melissa name her Future child?
a) Cherry
b) Melody
c) Isabelle
d) Maple

What did melissa notice notice on her lip's?
a) Lip Gloss
b) Blood
c) Candy
d) Makeup

Who did Melissa see at the Graveyard?
a) Kyle
b) Robert
c) Her Father
d) William

Who sent Melissa a friend request on her email?
a) Teresa Morrow
b) Michelle Morrow
c) Robert Robertson
d) Jordan Jestling

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