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The Principle of _________________ states that the inheritance of alleles is random.
a) Dominance
b) Segregation
c) Independent Assortment
d) Incomplete Dominance

The Principle of ______________________ states that one allele will mask another.
a) Dominance
b) Segregation
c) Independent Assortment
d) Incomplete Dominance

Tallness (T) is dominant to shortness (t) in pea plants. Which of the following represents a genotype of a pea plant that is heterozygous for tallness?
a) T
b) TT
c) Tt
d) tt

If an individual has two recessive alleles for the same trait, the individual is said to be
a) homozygous for the trait.
b) haploid for the trait.
c) heterozygous for the trait.
d) mutated.

The phenotype of an organism
a) represents its genetic composition.
b) reflects all the traits that are physically expressed.
c) occurs only in dominant pure organisms.
d) cannot be seen.

What would be the blood type of a person who inherited an A allele from one parent and an O allele from the other?
a) type A
b) type B
c) type AB
d) type O

female : XX ::
a) female: gametes
b) male: YY
c) male: XY
d) female:eggs

The X and Y chromosomes are called the
a) extra chromosomes.
b) phenotypes.
c) sex chromosomes.
d) All of the above

If a characteristic is sex-linked, it
a) occurs most commonly in males.
b) occurs only in females.
c) can never occur in females.
d) is always fatal.

In _______________________, two alleles are expressed at the same time.
a) codominance
b) incomplete dominance
c) independent assortment
d) heterozygous

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