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Different versions of a character.
a) allele
b) trait
c) gene
d) genotype

Mendel based his principles on his observations of ________plants.
a) pea
b) bean
c) cucumber
d) tomato

Pure-breeding pea plants always
a) cross-breed with other plants.
b) produce offspring with either form of a trait.
c) produce offspring with only one form of a trait.
d) are heterozygous.

The first filial (F1) generation is the result of
a) cross-pollination among parents and the next generation.
b) crosses between individuals of the parental generation.
c) crosses between the offspring of a parental cross.
d) self-fertilization between parental stock.

The passing of traits from parents to offspring is called
a) genetics.
b) heredity.
c) development.
d) maturation.

The father of genetics is
a) T.A. Knight.
b) Hans Krebs.
c) Gregor Mendel.
d) None of the above

The likelihood that a certain event will occur.
a) punnett square
b) probability
c) genetics
d) pedigree chart

The scientific study of heredity is called
a) meiosis.
b) crossing-over.
c) genetics.
d) pollination.

Basic unit of heredity.
a) allele
b) chromosome
c) gene
d) DNA

The Principle of _____________ states that chromosomes are randomly arranged in gametes.
a) Dominance
b) Segregation
c) Independent Assortment
d) Incomplete Dominance

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