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What happens when air reaches its dew point?
a) Condensation occurs.
b) Relative humidity is 100%.
c) The humidity decreases.
d) Clouds form.

What kind of weather will nimbostratus clouds likely bring?
a) sunny
b) warm
c) rainy
d) thunderstorms

How does sleet differ from snow?
a) It is not a form of precipitation.
b) It is liquid and not ice.
c) It starts as rain and freezes in the air.
d) It starts as water vapor and changes to a solid.

Which of the following describes an air mass with the symbol cT
a) cold and wet
b) cold and dry
c) warm and wet
d) warm and dry

A continental polar air mass forms in
a) the Pacific Ocean.
b) northern Canada.
c) the Gulf of Mexico.
d) the desert Southwest.

How does a warm front form?
a) Warm air becomes caught between cold air masses.
b) Two air masses meet and stay seperated.
c) Warm air moves over cold air and replaces it.
d) Cold air moves under warm air and pushes it up.

What kind of weather would an occluded front likely bring?
a) sunny and warm
b) much precipitation
c) thunderstorms
d) cold and dry

Which of the following statements describes an anticyclone?
a) It is an area of low pressure.
b) It is an area of high pressure.
c) It has air masses that meet and rise.
d) It moves in the direction of the Earth's rotation.

What kind of front forms when a cold air mass displaces a warm air mass?
a) a cold front
b) a warm front
c) an occluded front
d) a stationary front

Which of the following clouds is most likely to produce light to heavy, continuous rain?
a) cumulus clouds
b) cumulonimbus cloud
c) nimbostratus clouds
d) cirrus clouds

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