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__________ is the transfer of heat through space
a) radiation
b) convection
c) conduction
d) subduction

_________ is the transfer of heat between materials that are touching
a) conduction
b) radiation
c) convection
d) subduction

Density is
a) how much mass there is in a given volume
b) how much volume there is in a given mass
c) how much fluid there is at a given volume
d) how much fluid there is at a given mass

What causes convection currents in the mantle?
a) heat from the core
b) heat from the lower mantle
c) 2 of the choices
d) none of the choices

density changes with change in
a) temperature
b) pressure
c) gravity
d) none of the choices

During heat transfer
a) heat moves from hot to cold
b) heat moves from cold to hot
c) heat doesn't move
d) heat moves from hot to cold and cold to hot

Rock in the mantle flows
a) very slowly
b) very quickly
c) quickly
d) slowly

In what layer of the Earth will there be no convection currents?
a) the inner core
b) the outer core
c) the mantle
d) there are convection currents in all these layers

As a fluid is heated particles move ________ and density _________
a) quickly; decreases
b) quickly; increases
c) slowly; decreases
d) slowly; increases

What 2 things set convection currents in motion
a) heat and gravity
b) gravity and pressure
c) heat and pressure
d) heat, gravity, and pressure

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