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Which scientist came up with the 3 laws of planetary motion?
a) Brahe
b) Kepler
c) Newton
d) Copernicus

The first Law of Planetary Motion states:
a) All planets orbit the Sun in ellipses.
b) Planets move in a circular motion in an orbit.
c) The Sun is the center of the solar system.

Earth's rotation means:
a) The Earth is the third planet from the Sun.
b) The Earth is orbiting the Sun.
c) The Earth is spinning on an axis.

Earth's revolution means:
a) The Earth is revolving around the Sun.
b) The Earth is revolving around the Moon.
c) The Earth is tilted on its axis.

The season's of the Earth are caused by:
a) The moon's gravity.
b) The tilt of the Earth on its axis.
c) The revolution of the Earth.

The 2 main gases in the Sun are:
a) Hydrogen and Helium
b) Hydrogen and Iron
c) Helium and Nitrogen

Tides are caused by?
a) The pull of the moon and the Sun's gravity on the Earth.
b) Strong winds moving across the ocean.
c) The rotation of the Earth.

The Sun produces energy through a process called?
a) Fire from the gases
b) nuclear fission
c) nuclear fusion

A galaxy contains how many stars?
a) Hundreds of billions.
b) Hundreds of thousands
c) Hundreds

Earth's axis slowly but continuously points in different directions, this is called?
a) Gravity
b) Prescession
c) Barycenter

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